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Extraktion mit dem MARS und EDGE:

Lipids were extracted from dried soil samples using a microwave (CEM MARS5) or an Energized Dispersive Guided Extraction (CEM EDGE) system. No difference in performance was observed for the different extraction systems. Samples were processed in batches of roughly 15 to 20 g of material. For microwave extraction the samples were transferred to the extraction vessels and covered by a dichloromethane (DCM):methanol (MeOH) 9:1 (v/v, 25 ml) solvent mixture. Extraction temperature was programmed to ramp to 100 ◦C in 35 min and is subsequently held for 20 min. For EDGE extraction 25 ml DCM:MeOH 9:1105 (v/v) was used for extraction at 110 ◦C for 2 min and subsequent rinsing with 15 ml followed by a second extraction with 5 ml of solvent at100 ◦C and rinsing with35ml. The process was repeated on additional samplebatches to yield sufficient quantities of the target lipid compounds for 14C analysis. Pooled extracts were then dried under nitrogen flow.

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